home to some of Canada’s most talented artists and producers

Monarch Studios opened its doors in 2012, and has already become home to some of Canada’s most talented artists and producers.


“The recording experience was everything I dreamed that it would be. I miss going in every day to work on something that we all were able to put ourselves into, and in such a good environment. I will cherish those days!”


“Monarch is one of the best studios I have ever worked in! Tom and his staff made me feel at home right away and worked incredibly fast and hard to help make my sessions there smooth and fun. The gear is a perfect combo of tube, vintage and modern also making Monarch one of the best sounding rooms I have worked in.”

– ADAM LASUS, PRODUCER (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Yo La Tengo)

“Monarch Studios has all the technology, gear, and amenities of a modern, top-tier studio, but there’s nothing sterile or clinical here – it’s a breeding ground for creativity and experimentation, with all the tools to capture the moments that should be captured on a great recording. And the people employed at Monarch are a bunch of sweethearts. Whether it’s the owner, or whichever engineer happens to be there, or the runners, they’re all just good people.”


“I’ve worked in some of the best studios in New York, LA, and Vancouver. I always love finding a new place that’s flexible for whatever I need with a great staff that can accommodate everything I do. It’s rare to find such a place, but Monarch provides all of that and more. I’ll always be there when I’m working in Vancouver.”

– CALEB SHREVE, PRODUCER (Phantogram, Bear Hands, Wu-Tang Clan, Jennifer Lopez)

“Monarch Studios was the perfect spot to work on the Bear Mountain record. The staff’s calm and focused attitude, and the studio’s relaxed atmosphere inspired us to create some of our most productive work.”


“Monarch has become one of my main go-to spots. It has a variety of gear that suits me really well (especially my favourite tape format – 2 inch 16 track!). The acoustic spaces are totally useful and versatile enough to do most of anything. Forethought has gone into the interconnectivity between the rooms and control room that allows for creativity and quick change ups. It’s also has a great feel to it – clean, bright, but also down home enough to feel like you can put your feet up when you need to.”

– HOWARD REDEKOPP, PRODUCER (Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother, An Horse)

“Just wanted to express my deep gratitude. Monarch is such a great space to create music… you are all such lovely people and the space has one of the most welcoming vibes I have ever recorded in.”


“Recording at Monarch was without question one of the most fantastic studio experiences I have ever had. The choice of mics and gear were phenomenal and the staff went beyond the call of duty to make sure the band was comfortable. Cellar Live will be doing more here without question.”

– CORY WEEDS, Cellar Live

“If you ever need to do a recording, this is the place to go. The space is beautiful, the acoustics (and the grand piano!) are fantastic, but most importantly - the people are wonderful. Tom was great with answering all of my questions leading up to our two day session, and Alex, our lovely and talented engineer, made us sound amazing. He helped create a very comfortable, creative and non-intimidating environment, which I really appreciated. I need to write some more music so I can go back there and record again! Thank you both so much - for everything!”


“Hands down my favourite place to record in Vancouver. Exceptional engineers, incredible gear selection, a beautiful live room with an impeccable Yamaha grand, and an all-around wonderful recording environment. A+ spot, so so happy that we have this studio in Vancouver.”


“Simply one of the best studios in Vancouver hands down. Great live room and control room, very comfortable and well designed. An impressive list of equipment and microphones and a very talented and friendly staff. Highly recommended to anyone looking to record music in Vancouver.”

- Steven Beddall

“Love Monarch Studios, Tom and his team are gracious and professional hosts. I feel at home in the gorgeous studio, and look forward to every session I have there. Definitely recommend Monarch to any musician. “